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Canary Islands, Spain

Holidays are for two weeks starting every Sunday from Jan 13 - Feb 24

Walking Itineraries:


HF Holidays walks grade 2 easyEasier Walks 5 to 8 miles (8-13km) on a variety of terrains. Up to 1,200 feet (360m) of ascent in a day. 

HF Holidays walks grade 4 hardHarder Walks 7 to 11 miles (11-17.5km) with some steep sections. Up to 2,600 feet (780m) of ascent in a day.

Walks through a variety of forest, coastal and volcanic landscapes, sometimes crossing rocky ground with exposed sections.            

Day 1: Arrival day   transfer from Tenerife South Airport to San Cristobal de La Laguna

The following is the 2018 walking itinerary. The 2019 itinerary will be similar but the guides are currently checking out the walks.

Day 2: Coastal Path,                                                                                                                     
Easier Walk: We  follow a paved promenade path high above the coast through banana plantations to descend on a good path down a barranco. After ascending the other side we pass the Cafe Bollullo and descend to a beach (cafe with toilets available for lunch). After lunch we shall regain the coastal path which we follow through tamaris bushes to ascend a barranco on a rough and rocky path to the road. We follow the road to the top of the first barranco crossed in the morning and retrace our steps back to the hotel. 6 miles (9.5km) with 1,000ft (315m) of ascent.

Harder Walk: We follow the same path as the easier group to the road at the top of the barranco and after a short road section we take a narrow path, which is rough and rocky ascending steeply to Café Paraiso. From this café, the route follows minor roads and good tracks to join a path that descends steeply to the bottom of the ascent to the Café Paraiso. We then follow roads to the top of the first barranco ascended in the morning and retracing steps of morning outward path.8 miles (13km) with 1,800ft (540m) of ascent.

Day 3: Las Arenas Negras

Easier Walk: The northwest of the island and the tiny village of San José de Los Llanos is the start of this walk. From the village, our route takes us through attractive woodland to emerge into an open volcanic area. The last eruption here was in 1706. This intriguing landscape is accentuated by the backdrop of black ash which sparkles in the bright sunlight and gives the area its name. The walk finishes in the hamlet of Montaneta. 5 miles (8km) with 800ft (240m) of ascent.

Harder Walk: The harder walk will follow the same route and then continue to San Juan del Reparo. Both groups will be transferred to the historic and uniquely located coastal town of Garachico. 8 miles (13km) with 900ft (270m) of ascent.

Day 4: Teide and Las Cañadas

Easier Walk: Today we travel to the huge collapsed volcanic crater of Las Cañadas at the very heart of the island. Our journey takes us up the Orotava Valley to an altitude of over 6,500 feet (2,000 metres). This amazing landscape is dominated by El Teide, the highest mountain in Spain at 12,195 feet (3,718 metres). Another impressive feature is the Montaña de Guajara, the highest point on the crater rim. The vast scale of the crater is hard to comprehend; its total diameter is almost 10 miles (16km) giving it a circumference of some 28 miles (45km). At the foot of Guajara is the Parador de las Cañadas with its recently extended visitors centre. The easier walk crosses the crater through an amazing lunar landscape of rocks and lava, a truly unforgettable experience. We pass the Sanatorio which is now used by Park Rangers but was originally built inside the Teide crater in the 19th century because doctors believed that the climate of Teide was good for respiratory illnesses. Our route continues to the Parador and visitors centre. In the afternoon we visit the Roques de Garcia, which is situated near the Parador. These weird rock formations include the ‘Roque Cinchado’ (or ‘finger of God’) the ‘White Tower’, and the “Cathedral”. 6 miles (9.5km) with 500ft (150m) of ascent.

Harder Walk: The harder walk is the same as the easier group to the Parador. After lunch we visit the Roques de Garcia, which is situated near the Parador. These weird rock formations include the ‘Roque Cinchado’ (or ‘finger of God’) the ‘White Tower’ and The Cathedral. The harder group will walk around the rocks past the base of the Cathedral before ascending steeply back to the Parador. 8 miles (13km) with 900ft (270m) of ascent.

Day 5: Free day

Day 6: Along the Coast to the Black Sand Beaches

Easier Walk: Following a coastal route in a protected natural area, this very varied walk has stunning coastal views, undulating barrancos, castles and, near its end, a tree-lined promenade to reach Puerto de la Cruz and the hotel.
5 miles (8km) with 500ft (150m) of ascent.

Harder Walk: This walk begins in San Juan de Rambla. A scenic balcony path on the coast leads to the tiny hamlet of El Rosario, from where we begin our ascent and soon we are in the dramatic Barranco Ruiz. We pass through rural communities to begin our descent through newly cultivated terraces back to San Juan de Rambla with its elegant church and square. After a short bus ride we then follow the coastal path used by the easier group back to Puerto. 10miles (16km) with 2,100ft (630m) of ascent.

Day 7: Anaga

Easier Walk: We travel east to the Anaga Peninsula were we begin our day at the Visitor Centre and Ermita at Cruz del Carmen. Initially the walks are on paths through the laurel forest for which the Anaga region is famous. Steep barrancos sweeping to the coast afford us stunning views. Chinamada with its cave dwellings is en route to the village of Las Carboneras where the easier walk ends. 5 miles (8km) with 600ft (180m) of ascent.

Harder Walk: The harder route continues to follow an old path crossing the Baranco de Taborno to reach the pretty village of Taborno, with its famous rock, for more wonderful views. 7 miles (11km) with 1,800ft (540m) of ascent.

Day 8: Departure Day   Flight from Tenerife North Airport to Lanzarote


HF Holidays walks grade 2 easyEasier Walks: 5 to 7 miles (8-11km) sometimes on rough and stony paths. Up to 1,100 feet (240m) of ascent in a day.

HF Holidays walks level 3 mediumHarder Walks: 6 to 11 miles (9.5-16km) using steeper and rougher paths. Up to 1,800 feet (540m) of ascent in a day.

Day 1: Arrival  on flight from Tenerife. Transfer to hotel Sands at Costa Tequise.

Day 2: Costa Teguise
Our first day’s walks will explore the beautiful area we’re staying in this week.

Easier Walk: Heading out from our resort, we’ll follow the rocky coastal path to the pretty hamlet of Los Ancones before heading inland making our own way back to Costa Teguise in time for afternoon refreshments. 6 miles (9.5km) with 400ft (120m) of ascent.

Harder Walk: Similar to the easier walk, we will take the coastal path to Los Ancomes. From here we head inland on a balcony path traversing the lower slopes of Montana Corona with great views. Our descent takes us into Costa Teguise where we can join our fellow guests for refreshments. 8 miles (13km) with 700ft (210m) of ascent.

Day 3: Timanfaya National Park
Today we’ll travel to the Timanfaya National Park where we’ll pay a visit to the visitor centre to discover more about this volatile volcanic landscape with a guided tour. After a spot of lunch at the scenic El Golfo, both groups travel on to Femes to continue our walks.

Easier Walk: Leaving Femes, we take a good track over a col into the neighbouring valley of Yaiza to meet our transport home. 4 miles (6.5km) with 300ft (90m) of ascent and 800ft (240m) of descent

Harder Walk: Our walks will take us up to the second highest peak of the island, Atalaya de Femes for spectacular views over the area before descending into the village of Yaiza to join the easier group and our transport home. 5 miles (8km) with 1,000ft (300m) of ascent.

Day 4: The peaceful island, La Graciosa Today we travel to Orzola in the northeast of the island, where we board the ferry which will take us to Caleta del Sebo on the island of La Graciosa.

Easier Walk: From the port at Caleta de Sebo we will take a coastal path towards the western coast with spectacular views of Chinijo archipelago heading south passing Montana Amarillo as we return to meet our ferry. 7 miles (11km) with 600ft (150m) of ascent.

Harder Walk: The harder group will walk around the northern headland for views of Montana Clara and Roque del Oeste before returning to the harbour of Caleta del Sero, and its long sandy beaches. 11 miles (17.5km) with 900ft (270m) of ascent.

Day 5: Free day

Day 6: From Pico Oveja to the coast
Today we will explore the south of this beautiful island.

Easier Walk: We will contour the lower slopes of Pico Oveja offering extensive views to the Atlantic before descending to Playa del Pozo. From here we follow the coast passing a number of barrancos until we reach Puerto Calero with its attractive waterfront and many cafés for refreshments. 7 miles (11km) with 600ft (180m) of ascent and 1,400ft (420m) of descent

Harder Walk: Leaving the village of Casitas de Femes we’ll ascend onto the ridge to the south of the Femes Valley which will take us to today’s summit on the Pico Oveja. After taking time to admire this excellent viewpoint across the Atlantic and to the dramatic volcanoes of the Timanfaya National Park, we descend to the coast to follow the coastal route to Puerto Calero to join the easier group. 9 miles (14.5km) with 900ft (270m) of ascent and 2,100ft (630m) of descent.

Day 7: Miradors of the North
Today we venture to the northwest of the island, where the landscape is surprisingly greener with more vegetation than other areas of the island explored this week.

Easier Walk: Our route will take us from the outskirts of Maguez along a cliff-top route offering superb views across to La Graciosa as we make our way through miradors to La Pescosa before descending back into Maguez and on to Haria for refreshments. 7 miles (11.8km) with 1,000ft (300m) of ascent.

Harder Walk: Our route also takes advantage of the views across to La Graciosa as we ascend Los Helechos which affords us views into its caldera. From here we begin our descent to Maguez and on to Haria, with its stunning cliff top mirador with views of the Riscos de Famara, joining the easier group. 9 miles (14.5km) with 1,500ft (450m) of ascent.

Day 8: Flight from Lanzarote to London Gatwick.

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