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Eastern Sicily

2019 Dates:       Monday  Oct 07 - 14


1. How do I get to Catania?  There are flights from various European cities but Rome has the most. It is possible to go by train (the train goes on a ferry across the Straits of Messina) but it is a 9 hour journey.

2. How difficult is the walking?  We describe the walking as "moderate".  There are ascents at times around Etna but the pace is easy and with two guides it doesn't matter if you need to go slowly.

3. What if I want to combine Eastern and Western Sicily?   There are three direct trains a day between Palermo and Catania. Journey is about 3 hours. Tickets are inexpensive.

4. Where should I stay if I want extra time in Catania?  There are many hotels in the old section of town. Our guides usually stay at the Hotel Royal which is a nice three-star hotel in a good location.

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