Via Francigena     Guided Walk from Tuscany to Rome


HOW WILL COVID19 AFFECT THE WALK   Italy's borders are open to Canadians who have proof they are fully vaccinated. We don't know for sure what restrictions will still be in place by September 2021 but we expect that our private bus will still require vaccinated passengers to wear masks while on board and to be spaced apart when seated (except those who are related). Where possible, dinners will be outdoors. When this is not possible we will be subject to whatever indoor dining/seating rules apply at the time. Our guides will be vaccinated.

IS AIR FARE INCLUDED?  Air fare to Italy is not included  Teachers Travel would be happy to assist in booking flights to Rome.

HOW DO I GET TO THE START AT ORVIETO?  From Rome airport there is a train into the central Rome station (Termini) and from here your will find frequent direct trains to Orvieto (about 75 minutes).

HOW DIFFICULT IS THE WALKING?   The terrain is mostly gentle rolling countryside mostly on dirt paths and quiet gravelled roads  but occasionally on well-worn old Roman paving stones. A few short sections are on quiet paved roads.  Many of the old towns along the way are atop hills (they were built there for defensive reasons) so it means walking uphill at the end of the day.

WHAT IF I GET SO TIRED I CAN'T FINISH THE DAY'S WALK?  The bus is available but it cannot be beside you at all times.  At times the Via Francigena footpath intersects with roads where the bus can meet the group.

ARE THERE TOILETS AVAILABLE?  In villages along the way there are usually cafes with facilities. It is considered polite to buy something if you use the toilet.   

IS VEGETARIAN OR GLUTEN-FREE FOOD AVAILABLE?   Vegetarian is not a problem. Gluten-free is difficult in Italy.

HOW MUCH LUGGAGE CAN I TAKE?   There is no restriction. The bus can carry lots of luggage but keep in mind you will be responsible for carrying your own bag (or bags) from the bus to your room which may involve stairs

WHAT EQUIPMENT WILL I NEED?  You should have sturdy and comfortable hiking boots or shoes, a small backpack to carry bottled water, snacks, rain-gear etc.  Walking poles are useful. If you cannot pack your walking poles there are shops in Orvieto that sell them.

HOW DO I GET A PILGRIM PASSPORT?   It will be supplied to participants who want one at the start of the walk.  Hotels, churches and cafes along the way will stamp it if you wish. 

HOW DO I GET A "TESTIMONIUM" CERTIFICATE?  At the end of the walk at St Peter's in Rome you present your pilgrim passport.  You must have walked the last 100 km of the Via Francigena but allowance is made for the last day walking into the city. It is permissible to use the bus to skip the urban section with traffic and just to walk the last 7 km from Monte Mario to St Peters.

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