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Our walking tour is a combination of walking on foot-paths in scenic country-side and exploring towns and historic sites.

Day 1: Pick up at Naples Rail Station at 4 PM. Transfer by private bus to our four-star hotel at Sant Agata. This village is located five km from Sorrento and has marvelous views of the Bay of Naples and of Mount Vesuvius in the distance. Welcome drink and briefing before dinner.

Day 2: Morning walk 5 km (2 hours) Easy mostly downhill on a quiet trail amid lemon and olive groves.into the town of Sorrento. Here, we have a walking tour of the town with an expert local guide.
Legend says that the name "Surrentum" derives from the ancient Greek myth of siren mermaids whose singing lured seamen to shore.  According to the legend, Ulysses and his comrades escaped the sirens by plugging their ears and the mermaids, so humbled, were turned into rocks which today stand in nearby Positano. On our walking tour we see ancient walls built by the Greeks, rebuilt by the Romans and strengthened in medieval times to repel invasions by Saracen pirates. There is a beautiful garden in the Cloister of the San Francisco Monastery as well as intriguing narrow streets with cafes and shops. There is free time to explore or there is an optional further  4km easy walk on to Capo di Sorrento and Bagno di Regina Giovanna where we find the ruins of a 1st century Roman villa.
Return to the hotel by bus (or on foot for those who want a more energetic day).

Day 3:
The ferry from Sorrento takes about 30 minutes to the Isle of Capri and here a bus meets us and takes us up to Anacapri. We then walk 5.5 km on an easy to moderate path  (ascent of 170 metres) through pine forest (uphill) with beautiful views the Bay of Naples, the Sorrento Peninsula and the Amalfi Coast. We can see the famous Natural Arch and the "Faraglioni" rocks that legend says are petrified "syrens" from the days of Ulysses. The route leads back down to Anacapri centre.  There is free time to have lunch and explore the lively streets of the town centre. 
In the afternoon we go down to the town of Capri. From the town centre we walk 4 km to a look-out and for the more energetic there is a possible walk down to the beach area. For those who want a more relaxed day there are gelato shops, cafes, shopping and sightseeing in Capri town.  Later in the day we walk down to the harbour and take the ferry back to Sorrento.

Day 4: This morning
we go to the crater of Vesuvius. The bus takes us part of the way up the mountain but there is still a short 3 km climb  (challenging but short). At the top, one can look down into the crater as a local volcano expert tells us about volcanology. 

In the afternoon we visit the archaeological site of Pompeii with an expert local guide.  Pompeii was settled as early as the 8th century BC and by 79 AD it was a thriving commercial centre with a population of 20,000. Mount Vesuvius erupted and buried the city under a blanket of ash six metres deep. Over the centuries Pompeii was forgotten but in 1748 excavations were started and since 1911 all finds of furnishings and household utensils have been left where they were found, giving a fascinating insight into everyday life in 79AD. The walk around Pompeii includes major sites such as the Forum, the Amphitheatre, temples and well preserved homes.

Day 5: Free day. There are many things to do if you don't want to rest on your free day. The hotel has a shuttle bus which will take you into the centre of Sorrento. From here you could visit Herculaneum (which suffered the same fate as Pompeii although it was buried in deeper ash). A trip to Ravello makes a lovely day or you could take a ferry to Naples and visit museums. A boat ride along the coast takes you to Positano.  

Day 6:This morning we walk the "Path of the Gods"   (11 km challenging)
along limestone ridges in the hills above the Amalfi Drive. This is Amalfi’s most scenic foot-path, with spectacular views of the sea and the hillsides. Allegedly the trail dates back to the time when ancient gods wanted to travel from the mountains to the sea to hear the enticing song of the sirens. It is about  a 3 hour walk. From the end of this walk we can continue by local bus to Positano but anyone who wants an even more energetic walk can continue on foot (down 1100 steps into the town).

For those who would prefer a less energetic day, there is an optional tour by boat to Positano and chance to explore this beautiful town.

Day 7: Today our 10 km walk starts at the hotel at Sant' Agata. Using quiet roads amid villas and gardens we walk with great views of the Bay of Salerno. When we reach the town of Termini we see the Isle of Capri. The walk continues to the town of Massa Lubrense and then we return on a network of ancient foot-paths to our hotel. (A less strenuous walk is available for those who prefer it.)

Day 8: Return to Naples Rail Station by 12.00 noon 

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