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Touring Pompeii

No visit to the Sorrento and Amalfi Coast region would be complete without seeing the amazing archaeological site of Pompeii.  We tour the site on foot with an expert guide.

Pompeii was settled as early as the 8th/9th c. BC. In 80 BC it came under the domination of Rome and much building was done as the Sorrento Coast became a fashionable summer resort for wealthy Romans. Trade and commerce made the city a flourishing centre with a population of up to 20,000 people. Then disaster struck! In 79 AD nearby Mount Vesuvius erupted without warning and buried the entire city under a blanket of ash up to 6 metres deep.  90% of the population managed to escape but the rest were buried by volcanic material. Pompeii was then abandoned and was forgotten until 1748 when excavations began. Now the site provides a fascinating look at life two thousand years ago. On our guided walk we see the ancient Forum, the Basilica (business centre and law courts), the Terme Stabiane (baths) with its preserved swimming pools, the 5,000 seat Teatro Grande and the 20,000 seat Ampitheatre. Temples to Apollo, Venus and other gods still stand. We see the well preserved houses of wealthy wine merchants that still retain their wall paintings. Some of the town's walls still have graffiti from 79 AD

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